This is a preview of training facilities offered by MATC Participants. Thouse Facilities are published in MATC Training Catalogue. Registered users can download full detailed pdf version in DOCUMENTS section.

   Code Facility name Location (town)  TRG facilitating web link
CZE36x20 CZE1 IAM CENTRE ÚLZ Praha Praha-Dejvice AVN personnel medical testing/Aviation Review Commission www
CZE2 MTA Libavá  Libavá AVN DRY/HOT Firing Ranges (Barrel guns/Bombing/MSLS), Brown out trg Facilities  
CZE3 LOM-CLV Pardubice Pardubice AVN TRG Facility/TACT SIM Center/Maintenance Crew labours Simulator (Mi-17) www
CZE4 LOM-HTP Ostrava Ostrava-Mošnov Simulation Centre - Mi-171 Simulator suitable for Mi-17/Mi-171 (Mi-8 MT, Mi-8 MTV, Mi-8 AMT) trg courses www
CZE5 Military University Brno AVN Air/Ground personnel Academic education - University of Defence www
CZE6 Military Academy Vyškov AVN Air/Ground personnel Academic TRG (maintenance, transition courses)/Maintanance Crew labours Simulator (Mi-17)  
CZE7 22nd HAB Náměšť n/O AVN Support - Helicopter Base (Hangar Facility-labour demo)  
CZE8 IAM CENTRE ÚLZ Praha Praha-Střešovice hypoxia demo, high altitude trg (NATO std), NVG demo dark room, AVN Illusions demo, Examination of resistance (LBNP) www
HRV36x20 HRV1 MTA Red Land Dalmacia AVN (HOT) Firing Ranges Crvena Zemlja (Barrel guns only)  
HRV2 MTA Slunj Slunj MTA for AVN TRG. DRY/HOT Range (Rockets, guns)  
HRV3 Udbine AF (FOB)/MTA Udbine FOB/MTA for AVN TRG Support (PJ,SOF e.t.c.)  
HRV4 Split-Divulje AF Split AVN Support - Airfield (Over Sea OPS, Mountain TRG - 6000´ tops)  
HRV5 AF Lučko Lučko AVN Support - Airfield (initial NVG trg support)  
HRV6 91st AFB Zagreb AVN Support - Air Base (TRG Support)  
HRV7 93rd AFB Zadar AVN Support - Air Base (RW/FW TRG Support, assets, Brown-out LZ, Mountain TRG)  
HUN36x20 HUN1 Szolnok TRG Facility Szolnok S.E.R.E."B+" Level - TRG, Water surface survival  
HUN2 Szolnok TRG Facility Szolnok JTAC Currency continuation Course - Joint Terminal Attack  
HUN3 Szolnok TRG Facility Szolnok JTAC BQ Course - Joint Terminal Attack  
HUN4 MED Centre Budapest Budapest AVN personnel medical testing/Aviation Review Commission  
HUN5 MED Centre Keczskemét Keczskemét AVN personnel medical inspections/testing/Pressurized Chamber-hypoxia demo/CLS Course  
HUN6 Central TRG Area Várpalota/Veszprém AVN (HOT) Firing Ranges (Barrel guns/Bombing/MSLS)  
HUN7 TACT Simulator Szolnok Tactical Synthetic TRG  
HUN8 Bakony/Ujdörögd MTA Újdörögd AVN MTA/Ranges (Urban OPS TRG)/DRY, additional Range up to 7,62MM www
SVK36x20 SVK1 Wing SIM Centre Prešov Mi-17 SIM  
SVK2 SIM Centre Prešov/Lešť UH60 SIMULATOR  
SVK3 Malacky-Kuchyňa AB Kuchyňa Fixed Wing Air Base - AVN Support  
SVK4 MTA Záhorie Kuchyňa Zahorie Range "BRAVO" - DRY/HOT Range, Brown Out TRG  
SVK5 Armed Forces Academy Liptovský Mikuláš National Crisis Management TRG and Simulation (RW), ATC TRG (PAR SIMULATOR)  
SVK6 Helicopter Wing Prešov Helicopter Wing - AVN TRG Support (LOG, ATC)