The venue of the OELC-GE will be one of the MATC training facilities - Helicopter Training Point, Ostrava (CZE). The OELC-GE will be designed to cover language training demands for ground engineers (military maintainers) irrespective of the type of an aircraft, providing basic and advanced English terminology skills and standard helicopter/aircraft systems descriptions, aiming at to ground crews to be able to describe processes and/or potential problem and to propose solutions in multinational environment. Particular focus will be put into vocabulary related to using all types of tools and procedures, GE could perform using them (wrench – tighten/loosen etc.). Special learning tool – Computer Based Training (CBT), installed in the classrooms of HTP Ostrava, will be provided to use for the benefit of the course.

There will be two OELC-GE course types in accordance with trainees´ specialization:

1) OELC-GE-E/F for engine/fuselage specialization;
2) OELC-GE-A/W for avionics and weapon systems (radio, electrical systems, weapons/gunnery, special equipment).

MATC Directorate will manage the course allocations in accordance with the trainee's specialization.

The syllabus will consist of 2 parts; a general English language training, and a specialized terminology course (specialized technical terminology together with the military jargon used in multinational operations). The general part will be led by the certified TEFL instructors (Teaching English as Foreign Language), the specialized one is planned to be instructed by the instructor (GE specialist) with operational experience, English native speaker.
The Courses will be announced via MATC Training Catalogue and will be opened for not only MATC Participants, but also for allied (NATO) partners and PfP nations.