Recently, requirements for operational English language training in the MATC start to grow among nations as UAS are taking a bigger role in Air domain, particularly for the Pilot operators (PO), Sensor / Weapon operators and Missions commanders(MC). The reason is that the number of operationally deployed UAS from different nations has grown substantially, as well as the need for their operators’ skills in using operational English language. Communications are one of the most important aspects of UAS tactical utilization.

From May 2019, the new courses of operational English begin as a reaction to the abovementioned requirement. MATC training capacity – HTP Ostrava, will be the venue of brand new courses for UAS operators. HTP also offers a tactical simulator solution for UAS, that will be used as a training tool during the specialized terminology lessons in a realistic environment to train the use of proper keywords at given situations. To each student will be provided at least 5 hours of the simulation. The OELC-MC will cover language training demands at the operational level for commanding the UAS unit.

HTP Ostrava has more than 2 years of experience delivering Operational English courses for helicopter rear crew, using the qualified instructors from Great Britain.

For more information please contact MATC PoC