The MATC project key milestones


  • the initiative of the Czech Republic to establish a training centre for aviation specialists
  • the Multinational Project Team (MPT) and Working Groups were established.
  • the Concept of MATC has been developed


  • MATC project was accepted by NATO Summit in Chicago (USA)


  • the signature of the Letter of Intent (LoI),
  • participating countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and United States of America


  • operational MoU development 


  • 24 June - the signature of the MATC “operational” MoU by participating countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. Full support to the MATC project and interest to participate in future MATC activities were declared by the USA during the MoU signature ceremony.
  • 1 July - MATC Directorate establishment
  • 17 September – Steering Committee inaugural meeting
  • 17 September - Process for reaching MATC Initial Operational Capabilities (IOC) has been started
  • MATC functional MoU finalization


  • January - Training Cataloque released
  • 29 September - MATC functional MOU signed


  • October - Formal Request for the MATC activation of an NMB signing (by the Czech CHOD) and sending to HQ SACT


  • January - MATC activation documentation forwarded from HQ SACT to IMS NATO
  • July - IMS silent procedure termination
  • September - NAC silent procedure termination and MATC activation