• Counter Air Operations - tactical simulated training

    March and October 2019, TSC Pardubice, Czech Republic

  • Updated version of MATC Training Catalogue  has been released!

    In MATC Training Catalogue  registered users can figure out the offered Training facility, Training and Courses for Rotary Wing Air Crews, Fixed Wing Air Crews, Ground Maintenance Crews, and other Aviation specialists

  • MATC activation process completed

    On 11th September 2018, the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) was activated as a NATO Military Body (NMB) by the highest authority of NATO, North Atlantic Council (NAC). The activation process, which started in October 2017 by signing of the „Formal Request for the MATC Activation“, had been completed after HQ SACT and MC/IMS procedure termination.

    Becoming an NMB, MATC is an international military organization with an international status granted in accordance with Article 14 of the Paris Protocol (Protocol on the status of International Military Headquarters set up pursuant to the North Atlantic Treaty). This status ensures legal personality, which includes the right to conclude contracts and to acquire and handle property related to the MATC operation and maintenance.

  • Operational English Language Course for Ground Engineers
    Operational English Language Course for Ground Engineers

  • MATC provides unique training environment

    Story by 1st Lt Chris Sullivan, 352 SOW Public Affairs

On Wednesday April 20th, 2016, the MATC Directorate in Vyškov held the 2nd meeting of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) Steering Committee that was attended, in addition to the representatives of the partner countries in the MATC Steering Committee (CZE, HRV, HUN, SVK), by delegates representing USA SOCEUR and the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense (VeVzS AČR, OVL SDK MO and SOPS MO). Their main goal was to evaluate the tasks as delegated at the previous session, primarily those pertaining to achieving the initial operational capabilities. In the framework of its agenda, the session attendees discussed the issue concerning a further procedure for MATC accreditation as a NATO Military Body within NATO Allied Command Transformation (NATO ACT).
Simultaneously with the MATC SC session, the Vyškov MATC Directorate hosted a number of other international working meetings to discuss training and financial issues taking place during the whole week.

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