• MATC activation process completed

    On 11th September 2018, the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) was activated as a NATO Military Body (NMB) by the highest authority of NATO, North Atlantic Council (NAC). The activation process, which started in October 2017 by signing of the „Formal Request for the MATC Activation“, had been completed after HQ SACT and MC/IMS procedure termination.

    Becoming an NMB, MATC is an international military organization with an international status granted in accordance with Article 14 of the Paris Protocol (Protocol on the status of International Military Headquarters set up pursuant to the North Atlantic Treaty). This status ensures legal personality, which includes the right to conclude contracts and to acquire and handle property related to the MATC operation and maintenance.

  • HTP Ostrava introduces a brand-new Helicopter Tactical Simulator

    New technology has now arrived at HTP Ostrava! The dual full-crew simulator facility is the show piece of the company’s newly introduced tactical centre for helicopter crews. The helicopter tactical simulation platforms have been installed to cover the varied and diverse tactical training requirements of multinational helicopter forces.

    “HTP Ostrava is now in an even better position to support helicopter units with a state-of-the-art simulator. This facility will enable units to fully prepare for deployments for current and future operations,” stated HTP manager for tactical training, Milos Pecha.

  • Updated version of MATC Training Catalogue  has been released!

    In MATC Training Catalogue  registered users can figure out the offered Training facility, Training and Courses for Rotary Wing Air Crews, Fixed Wing Air Crews, Ground Maintenance Crews, and other Aviation specialists

  • DCA/QRA Tactical Training - TSC Pardubice, CZE

    The second MATC Tactical Training for tactical pilots and GCIs, supported by JAPCC, has been executed in the Tactical Simulation Center (TSC) Pardubice, Czech Republic in the week 20-24 NOV 2017. The Training audience was composed of Jas-39 GRIPEN, Mig-29 FULCRUM and Mig-21 FISHBED pilots and CRC GCIs. The one of the main focus was to train the „Regional Interoperability“ adhering the NATO standards.

  • The initial phase of Operational English Language Training completed
  • MATC provides unique training environment

    Story by 1st Lt Chris Sullivan, 352 SOW Public Affairs

In response to the European Commission Regulation 1178/2011 concerning requirements towards civilian crews, MATC designed CRM basic course, adapted to the military crews needs with considerations to the specific aircraft types and flight procedures.


The main goal of CRM basic course is to foster the multi-crew competencies and implement the human factors lessons identified into the military crews training to pursue the constant process of enhancing the military operational flight safety.

To achieve the high level of training value, the CRM course is intended to be composed from both theoretical and practical part. Flight Training Centre (CLV) Pardubice will cover the first part, whereas the practical part using the simulator will be provided by HTP Ostrava.

In the theoretical part, certified CRM instructors will cover among others human factors and error management, decision-making process in a crew hierarchy, fatigue, stress factors, situational awareness, personality and teamwork (16hours). Theory will be followed by practical simulator exercises aimed at crew roles definitions, CRM aspects in flight briefings/debriefings and selected normal/abnormal/emergency flight procedures from CRM perspective (3 hours).

Optimal number of trainees is 10-12 per course. Please contact MATC directorate for further information.