The new DCA/QRA (Defensive Counter Air/Quick Reaction Alert) Training Module (Tactical Simulation) for tactical pilots and GCI (Ground Radar Controller of Interceptors) has been successfully accomplished in term 27 FEB - 3 MAR 2017 at Tactical Simulation Center (TSC), Pardubice, Czech Republic (LOM PRAHA s.p./CLV Pardubice). The training week „Training for Training Leaders“ (as the TRG with code FTS 05 published in MATC TRG Catalogue) was focused on QRA procedues training and DCA - BvR (Blue versus Red) training. In this unique training participated instructor-pilots and GCI from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, suppported by JAPCC SME, One of the main objective was to train tactical pilots´ and GCIs´interoperability. The pilots and GCI had an opportunity to train in mixed crews. The folow on training for pilots and GCI starts in November 2017 . 


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