• Counter Air Operations - tactical simulated training

    25-29 March 2019, TSC Pardubice, The Czech Republic

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  • MATC activation process completed

    On 11th September 2018, the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC) was activated as a NATO Military Body (NMB) by the highest authority of NATO, North Atlantic Council (NAC). The activation process, which started in October 2017 by signing of the „Formal Request for the MATC Activation“, had been completed after HQ SACT and MC/IMS procedure termination.

    Becoming an NMB, MATC is an international military organization with an international status granted in accordance with Article 14 of the Paris Protocol (Protocol on the status of International Military Headquarters set up pursuant to the North Atlantic Treaty). This status ensures legal personality, which includes the right to conclude contracts and to acquire and handle property related to the MATC operation and maintenance.

  • MATC provides unique training environment

    Story by 1st Lt Chris Sullivan, 352 SOW Public Affairs

Monday 3rd April was a significant day for the NATO rotary wing door-gunners community. 10 door gunners from Croatia and Czech Republic have commenced their four-week language training - Operational English Language Course for Door Gunners (OELC-DG). This unique course is coordinated by MATC (Multinational Aviation Training Centre) and is held in the facility of Helicopter Training Point (HTP) Ostrava.
OELC-DG was developed following the Czech Air Force requirement for operational English language training with the aim to unify and instruct English terminology used by airborne gunners within NATO air crews. The course is instructed by two experienced British Qualified Helicopter Tactics Instructors (QHTI). “The overarching objective is to focus on interoperability and standardisation of procedures by combining the crews during the training”, said one of QHTIs, Danny Hanson. The tactical simulator is intended to be used in the final part of the course to simulate the tactical scenarios to prompt the correct and timely use of key phrases by students - door gunners from MATC countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Later, the intention is to extend the training to NATO/EU/PfP military units.

Norway provided funds through the MHI (Multinational Helicopter Initiative) trust fund for two OELC-DG courses. This provision triggered intensive preparatory effort with UK QHTIs visiting 22 Helicopter Base at Náměšť nad Oslavou to discuss the content of the course directly with the trainees. The British instructors have a long association with NATO/EU helicopter crews, as they have been providing the EDA (European Defence Agency) Helicopter Tactics Course (HTC) in RAF Linton-on-Ouse. The preparatory effort laid the good foundation for the OELC-DG syllabus, which is in line with NATO and EDA training standards.

Course dates:
The 1st - finished on 28 April 2017
The 2nd - finished on 16 June 2017
The 3rd - finished on 17 August 2017
The 4th - 30 October - 24 November 2017

The Courses are published in the MATC TRG Catalogue  in the section Additional (Special) Training Courses.